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 Blue Eye Using Mini Blaster

Blue Eye Multi-Room System:

  • Up to 5 Stealth Receivers

  • 1 x Distribution Hub

  • 1 x Mini Blaster (IR Flood)

  • CAT5/6 cable from each room

Blue Eye Single Room System:

  • 1 x Stealth Receiver

  • 1 x PP3 Power Injector

  • 1 x Mini Blaster (IR Flood)

  • CAT 5/6 cable to extend    


This diagram shows the Blue Eye Mini Blaster set back from the audio visual components to allow the flood of infrared signal to wash over the front panels containing the IR receiver.
This diagram shows the Blue Eye Mini Blaster aimed at a reflector which bounces the infrared signal back towards the audio visual components.

In a confined space the reflector may be just the back of a cupboard door.

For best results the reflector area should be white or a light colour.