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Press Release August 2009

Ray Brearton with satisfied customer Mr Gilbert from Carlton Husthwaite.

Kiwi Ingenuity Lands in Yorkshire

When Ray Brearton (pictured right) went to live in New Zealand he never imagined he’d be like Captain Cook returning to Yorkshire / the UK after five years with exciting new wares from a distant land.

Like a true Yorkshire man, Ray always has his eyes and ears open for new business opportunities. Within a year he had spotted the potential in a fine example of “Kiwi ingenuity” in the form a security system developed with the rural and farming communities in mind. 

Now based in York his company, High Performance Products is well placed to help the rural community in the fight against crime. 

When asked, What is the answer to effective rural security…..?”

Ray answered “It’s all about communication – for example, if a friend rang you and said they had seen someone suspicious on your land, would you be able to deter a possible criminal…?

Yes of course, due to communication, you’ve been told in advance, and that’s exactly what our Parabeam Driveway and Perimeter Alarm Systems do.”  

At the heart of the Parabeam security system is a unique long range wireless security beam, which can span up to 50 meters. 

When something solid breaks the beam a signal is sent to the main receiver in the house. This gives the occupants an audible and visual alert, giving advanced warning of a visitor or intruder. 

The beam is continuously recharged by a small high-powered solar panel. This means that the security beam can be installed in remote locations without the need for any wiring. 

The system can also be expanded by adding multiple beams, receivers and accessories such as external sirens, security lights and pocket receivers.

When not at the property, an alert can still be received by text message to up to eight mobile phones and can also be linked to CCTV cameras.

Mr Gilbert (pictured left) of Carlton Husthwaite said, I’m absolutely delighted with the Parabeam I’ve bought. When you consider the hassle and cost of a break-in, it’s invaluable.  However, the real benefit to me is the peace of mind it brings.
I would much rather be alerted to a potential criminal before they got in the house, than confront someone in it.”



Customer Comments
Jan 2010 Mr Barlow, York............... "......many thanks for helping us out over Christmas. Because our nurseries are so remote it was easy pickings for the Christmas tree thieves. The driveway beam was so easy to install and works absolutely perfectly every time.
The system put an instant end to the thefts as I was able to get myself or a member of staff down to the premises as soon as we received a text alert.
It certainly is the most effective security system I've ever seen and I plan to expand the system with another two beams.
Many thanks once again.
Sept 2009 Mark, Norfolk..................

"I thought I'd let you know that we are absolutely delighted with your Parabeam system.
We had a few problems at first, but I eventually discovered that this was because I'd put the two sensors about 50 yards apart, and on a slope, because I thought our gate would be too far away for the system to work properly.
They are now located either side of our gate, which is several hundred yards from our house, and we have never had a false alarm !
We are also very impressed with the little receivers. We can take them 150 yards the other side of our house and they still register whenever anybody arrives !
We are very grateful for your help in clarifying a couple of set-up issues, and we would have no hesitation in recommending Parabeam to prospective purchasers."

July 2009

Peter & Pam, Kent.............. "Although we live in town we could never hear people pulling into the drive or knocking on the door,…. Now, thanks to the Parabeam infrared security beam, we never miss a visitor."
July 2009 Mr Low, Shropshire............ "We installed a Parabeam on the farm after fuel and tools kept going missing…….. since we installed the Parabeam system, we now know as soon as someone steps on our property. Thanks for the quick delivery."
May 2009 Jane, Durham.................... "Just to say many thanks, my Son installed the beam last week and it works every time. It's like having a guard on duty at the gate permanently, I feel much safer now."
April 2009 Steve, Derbyshire...............

"Thank the Lord I found you guys! After wasting my hard earned cash on two other cheap gate alarms I've finally found one that does what it says it will do. The range is no problem and it doesn't keep false alarming like the others. Shame I didn't buy yours first but that's another lesson learned. I'll recommend you to all my friends."